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In 1950, the Iconic luxury British sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin introduced its first real production sports car: the DB2. This iconic model was developed based on a car that participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1949. 

It was a two-seater with a full aluminum body, a multi-tube chassis, independent front suspension and most importantly a 2.6 liter inline 6 cylinder Lagonda engine delivering 105 HP. In 1953 Aston Martin introduced DB2 / 4 MK1. This car changed both mechanically and aesthetically from its predecessor. Because of the extra weight of the DB2 / 4 MK1, this variant got a more powerful 3.0 liter engine that delivered 140 HP.

In 1955 Aston Martin introduced the successor to the MK1: the MK2. The model had the same mechanics as its predecessor and only minor exterior changes. The main differences were a square rear wing and the addition of a sedan variant.  Approximately only 199, DB2 / 4 MK2 were built.


Aston Martin


DB 2/4 Mk1






Car information

This stunning Aston Martin DB 2/4 MK1 from 1959 is a rare 2+2 hatchback. 

In 1959, this car participated in the rally of Monte Carlo which makes it eligible for many world-class rallies and driving events.

This car is a rear wheel driver fitted with original racing-oriented features. It has a 2.6 litre engine,  4 speed manual gearbox, double overhead camshaft and a 6 cylinder unit that produces 125 bhp of power.

This very attractive Aston Martin on offer is in excellent condition both internally and externally. A great performer with an immense amount of character.

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